Tullahoma Airport Authority Policy

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Purchasing Policy

Effective Date:  14 June 2005

Revision:  New


1.0   Purpose

To define how the Tullahoma Airport Authority (TAA) will conduct purchases for all services, supplies or equipment.


2.0   Scope of Application

This applies to regular and part time employees of the Tullahoma Airport Authority and to the Board of Directors of the Tullahoma Airport Authority.           


3.0   References

City of Tullahoma manual “Purchasing Policies and Procedures.”


4.0   Definitions

Representative – includes both TAA regular, full time and part time employees and Board members appointed by the City of Tullahoma.


5.0   Policy


      5.1 All purchases shall be conducted in accordance with the general policies and procedures specified in the City of Tullahoma’s manual titled “Purchasing Policies and Procedures” except as noted below.


      5.2 Expenditures of up to $500 may be authorized / expended by the Executive Director provided the amount is contained in the approved operating budget.


      5.3 For expenditures between $500 and $5,000 that are contained in the approved operating budget, the Executive Director may authorize / expend after receiving approval from the Treasurer.


      5.4 For any expenditure above $5,000, approval of the TAA Board of Directors is required and shall be coordinated through the City of Tullahoma’s Purchasing Officer using the procedures specified in the City’s Purchasing Policies and Procedures manual.


      5.5 Emergency repairs.  Exception to the above procedures is authorized for emergency repairs that involve either aviation safety or repairs that are required to ensure continued, safe airfield operations.  In these situations, the TAA Executive Director shall make telephonic contact with either the TAA Chairman or Vice Chairman as soon as possible to inform them of the situation and the repairs needed.



6.0   Description of Revisions                                                   

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