Tullahoma Airport Authority Policy

Document No: Policy 003

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TAA Owned Vehicles and Equipment Use

Effective Date: 14 June 2005

Revision:  New


1.0    Purpose

To define the Tullahoma Airport Authority (TAA) policy on use of vehicles and equipment owned by the TAA or on loan from the City of Tullahoma.


2.0   Scope of Application

This applies to regular and part time employees of the Tullahoma Airport Authority, to the Board of Directors of the Tullahoma Airport Authority, and to all employees of the Fixed Base Operator when using vehicles or equipment owned by the TAA or the City of Tullahoma.


3.0   References

City of Tullahoma Personnel Regulations, Chapter 8.8 titled “Use of City Vehicles and Equipment.”


4.0   Definitions


       4.1 Employee – includes both TAA regular, full time and part time employees, TAA Board of Directors members, and all employees of the Fixed Base Operator.


       4.2 Equipment – includes tractors, mowers, and other equipment that is owned by either the TAA or by the City of Tullahoma.


       4.3 Courtesy Vehicle – automobile provided by the TAA for transiting crew members to use on a temporary basis.


5.0   Policy


      5.1 All employees shall comply with the requirements of the City of Tullahoma’s regulation on Use of City Vehicles and Equipment.


      5.2 Equipment.  Prior to use, a safety inspection shall be conducted of the equipment to ensure safe and proper operation.  This includes a check of applicable fluid levels, belt tension, safety equipment, etc.  Any defects shall be immediately reported to the Airport Manager and the equipment will not be used until the deficiency is corrected.


            5.2.1 Equipment shall be stored and protected from the weather when not in use.


      5.3 Courtesy Vehicle(s).  The FBO shall be responsible for the courtesy vehicle as follows:


            5.3.1 The vehicle shall be maintained in a clean, ready and fueled condition at all times.


            5.3.2 The vehicle shall not be used by any persons other than transiting crew members without the express permission of the TAA Executive Director.


            5.3.3 The FBO shall maintain a sign-out log for the vehicle and ensure that the log is completed prior to allowing the vehicle to leave the airport.  This sign-out log shall contain (as a minimum):


               Copy of current and valid driver’s license information, to include home address and telephone number.


               Aircraft make, model and “N” number.


               Local contact telephone number / location of where the vehicle will be during use.


               Date and time of sign out.


               Date and time of planned return (not to exceed 24 hours without prior coordination).


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