Tullahoma Airport Authority Policy

Document No: Policy 002

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Workplace Safety Policy

Effective Date: 14 June 2005

Revision: New


1.0   Purpose

To define the Tullahoma Airport Authority (TAA) policy on workplace safety.


2.0   Scope of Application

This applies to regular and part time employees of the Tullahoma Airport Authority, to the Board of Directors of the Tullahoma Airport Authority, to all employees of the Fixed Base Operator, and to any other commercial entity that conducts temporary operations (such as air shows, demonstrations, etc) on the property of the Tullahoma Airport.         


3.0   References

City of Tullahoma Personnel Regulations, Chapter 8.4 titled “Workplace Safety.”


4.0   Definitions

Employee – includes both TAA regular, full time and part time employees, TAA Board of Directors members, all employees of the Fixed Base Operator, and employees of other commercial entities who may from time to time conduct operations on the Tullahoma Airport.


5.0   Policy


      5.1 All employees are expected to conduct day-to-day operations in a safe manner, and in accordance with the City of Tullahoma’s regulation on workplace safety, with the following additional requirements.


            5.1.1 Employees shall conduct themselves in accordance with the requirements of Federal and State Occupational Safety and Health regulations.


            5.1.2 Employees shall immediately stop any activity that they deem as unsafe.


            5.1.2 Employees shall immediately notify the Airport Manager of any unsafe condition (building, equipment, etc) or unsafe act that is observed (dangerous flying activity, dangerous ramp operation, etc).


            5.1.3 Employees, both TAA and FBO, shall cease all outside ramp activities, including fueling operations, whenever lightning is noted in the vicinity of the airport.  When a storm with high winds is approaching, both TAA and FBO employees will take every possible action to move aircraft into a hangar and close the door, and securely tie down aircraft and other equipment.


            5.1.4 Employees shall always ground an aircraft prior to fueling operations.


            5.1.5 Employees shall wear appropriate protective clothing for the job being accomplished. 


               Flip flops, sandals or other “open toe” footwear are prohibited at all times.


               Safety glasses shall be worn when fueling aircraft.


               Loose fitting clothing or jewelry shall not be worn when working on aircraft or machinery.



6.0   Description of Revisions                                                   

None – original issue