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The Planning and Codes Department is the lead agency for both the physical and economic development of the City and its planning region. It serves as staff to the Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Historical Zoning Commission and the Development Committee. In these capacities it reviews and performs inspections for all residential, commercial, and industrial development plans, all zoning and subdivision platting, and provides all long-range planning for the City. The Department's major initiative at the turn of the century is planning of future boundaries for the Urban Growth Boundary 20-Year Growth Plan as set forth by the State of Tennessee for all cities and counties in the State of Tennessee. The Planning and Codes Department issues building permits, electric permits and grading permits. The Department also manages the City of Tullahoma's Geographic Information System (GIS).

Department Services

Urban Growth Boundary 20-Year Growth Plan

The first phase of the Urban Growth Boundary 20-Year Growth Plan required all cities and counties to propose the extent of where it was felt their boundaries could possibly be within twenty years and to substantiate in a detailed report the reasoning for the proposed growth to the County Coordinating Committee for approval. The final proposed growth plan must be completed and approved by the County Coordinating Committee and the State of Tennessee by July 1, 2000. Copies of the Urban Growth Boundary Report and maps are available for public review at the City of Tullahoma Department of Planning and Codes.

Planning and Codes

The office provides development information to business and property owners, developers and design professionals. The office assists in monitoring and expediting projects through the development process within City Hall and provides mapping, graphical, and statistical resources for internal projects of the Department, for other City departments, and for the private sector through a Geographic Information System (GIS) linked to extensive demographic databases.

Development Committee

This committee is responsible for review of all new commercial development activity. The committee meets each Wednesday morning at the Tullahoma Municipal Building, 201 West Grundy Street, at 8:00 a.m. to review plans. Representatives from Tullahoma Water and Sewer, Elk River Public Utilities District (gas system), and city officials from the Fire Department and Planning and Codes Department are present. The Committee does not work by agenda. Those present are reviewed on a first-come first-served basis. All proposed developments must submit five (5) sets of stamped, engineered drawings. Further information is available in a Plans Review Procedure available by calling the Department.

Historical Zoning Commission

This commission is responsible for reviewing any requests to establish historic districts and procedures for processing applications for certificates of appropriateness for (1) any changes in external appearance of existing structures (2) design of new structures (3) demolition of existing structures within any Tullahoma Historic District, and (4) to carry out the provisions of the Tullahoma City Ordinance 1187, Historical Zoning Ordinance.

Codes & Ordinances Enforced by City of Tullahoma:

Chapter 2 Excavation & Curb Cuts and Tile Permits

Chapter 4 Construction and Repair of Sidewalks, Curbs, Etc.

Chapter 8 Street Lighting

Ordinance No. 961 Tullahoma Zoning Ordinance

Building & Electrical Codes, Title 1, Chapter 1-14 of the Tullahoma Municipal Ordinance.

Contact Jennifer Amacher, at (931) 455-2282, extension 104 for a copy of an ordinance.

The Tullahoma Municipal Regional Planning Commission

This Commission reviews variance requests, requests for annexations or any special development requests, subdivisions of property, zoning of property, temporary uses, planned unit developments, amendments to official zoning map, amendments to zoning ordinance, and appeals of decisions of the City building official. The Tullahoma Regional Municipal Planning commission Members are selected and approved by the Mayor and serve three-year terms on a volunteer basis. The Planning Commission meets the first and third Monday of each month at 4:00 p.m. at the Tullahoma Municipal Building located at 201 West Grundy Street. Contact Jennifer Amacher at (931) 455-2282, for deadline information.


Each request for a permit must be accompanied by a drawing of the proposed structure. All new homes must have an availability form from the Tullahoma Utility Board (455-4515) before a permit may be issued. The permit will be issued after review by the Codes Administrator (usually within 24 hours).

Building Inspections

All inspections require 24-hour notice. Depth of footing and setback information is required.

  1. Footing inspection - footing must be inspected prior to any concrete being poured.
  2. Framing - The rough-in electrical must be inspected and approved prior to the framing inspection. Insulation must be in place at the time of the request for the framing inspection. A rough-in plumbing inspection must also be done at this time.
  3. Final inspection - The final inspection must be requested after the final electrical and heating and air inspections have been approved by the State of Tennessee. The final electrical, final plumbing, and final building inspection must all be approved prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy for the structure.


Contact Jennifer Amacher at (931) 455-2282, extension 104 for a departmental fee schedule.

Planning and Codes Staff
Planning Director
Steve Woodard
Phone: (931) 455-2282 ext 107
Building Inspector
David Kellar
Phone: (931) 455-2282 ext 116
e-mail: dkellar 

Administrative Secretary
Jennifer Amacher
Phone: (931) 455-2282 ext 104
e-mail: jamacher



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