Disputes relating to one’s own vehicle can quickly go into the money when courts have to clarify who has to pay for damage after an accident. Although the motor insurance already provides a passive legal protection. But often this is not enough. By contrast, insured persons are comprehensively protected against the financial burdens of a legal dispute with traffic rights protection.

Why is a traffic legal protection meaningful?

Traffic rights protection supports insured persons in legal disputes in connection with accidents, purchase and repair contracts and driver’s licenses. Especially due to events in traffic especially drivers can quickly get into legal conflicts , such as when the question of guilt after an accident must be clarified or drivers complain about nodules.

In these and other cases, traffic law enforcement supports those affected. The legal expenses insurance protects insured persons from the financial consequences that a legal dispute entails . Normally, the following costs are taken into account:

✓ the legal fees incurred by the lawyer,
✓ the court costs,
✓ the witness money and
✓ if applicable, the cost of the opponent.

With a traffic legal protection there is no financial risk: If insured gain in court, the opponent must pay for the costs. If they lose, the legal protection insurance takes effect. Which legal expenses insurances offer a high performance level and thereby are favorable, shows an individual tariff comparison.

Who protects traffic rights protection?

Traffic law protection insures the policyholder as well as the spouse and his / her children and their children . For adult, unmarried children, they must be in their first vocational training. Many traffic rights protection providers also specify as a further condition that the child still has to live in the household of the parents. Parents, grandparents and other family members can also be insured.

Traffic rights protection not only important for motorists

Those who do not have a vehicle registered in their name or do not have their own car still benefit from the services of traffic law protection. For legal protection also applies when drivers are traveling in the company or company car, as a professional driver with a truck or with a rental car on the streets.

In addition, cyclists, pedestrians or public transport users are insured. As soon as there arise costs in the form of a legal dispute, the driver protection of the insurance takes effect. The disadvantage here, however, is that many insurance companies exclude legal protection in property or contract law. For example, if there is a dispute with the rental car company, the costs must be taken over despite insurance itself.

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What does motor insurance do?

About the passive legal protection of car insurance, the insurer fights unjustified claims for damages of the accident opponent. However, if motorists want to enforce their own claims for damages or compensation for damages, auto insurance usually does not apply. Here are the costs for the legal contribution itself to pay.

Red light, speed camera, drunk driving and no parking

The legal expenses insurance does in many cases. Many providers, however, do not pay for the costs incurred as a result of a lawsuit over holding or parking violations. Also excluded are offenses in traffic, which are intentional . In addition, the insurance company does not pay fines or fines in the course of:

  • excessive speed,
  • Alcohol at the wheel or
  • a run-over red light are to be expected.

Traffic protection in the test of Stiftung Warentest

Often, the legal expenses insurance is tested only in the package of private, professional and traffic protection. Some time ago, however, the Stiftung Warentest made an exception and looked at more than 100 legal expenses insurance companies. They were looking for the best providers for singles with and without a car and for families with one or more vehicles .

Due to the different model customers different offers are recommended for those interested. For families with a car, there are ten very good insurers, for example, according to the legal expenses insurance test. The best rating will receive

✓ Advocard
✓ Allright / Deurag
✓ Württembergische

These tariffs cost between 155 euros and 173 euros a year. However, since the test is from January 2016, insurers may have adjusted both their prices and benefits in the meantime. Accordingly, it makes sense not only to focus on the test winner, but also to compare different offers for traffic protection insurance individually with a tariff calculator.

Telephone counseling

Among the extra services in traffic law protection is the free telephone counseling. The insurance offers a free hotline for specialist lawyers. For some tariffs, the lawyers can also be contacted by e-mail.

Free and independent comparison

Whether on the road, at work or in the private sector: Some disputes can only be resolved by means of a lawsuit. For this reason, not only the conclusion of a traffic protection insurance , but a legal expenses insurance, which also applies in other situations , such as in trouble with the landlord or the employer.

In order to find the right tariff depending on the personal wishes, those interested can use a tariff calculator to gain an overview of various offers. The quick and free comparison shows both the costs of legal expenses insurance and the respective level of performance.

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